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This is a fangroup for Let's Player NicoB from YouTube. Here you can post fanart, fanfictions, or anything else related to the channel. Make sure to read the rules below before submitting. Stay classy guys!

:bulletred: RULES FOR SUBMISSIONS :bulletred:

The picture must be related to NicoB, one of his jokes, or the channel itself. It cannot just be a picture of a character from a game he's played. For example, a picture of Komaeda alone would not be accepted. However, a picture of Komaeda tossing bagels or something would be accepted because it's something he's referenced and made jokes about.
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Oct 12, 2012


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612 Members
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:iconnicoronpafans: NicoRonpaFans The Project of bagels and hope
***Note: Nico, if you're seeing this, please don't read any of this. This is going to be a surprise for you. You can have someone look over it for you to make sure it's okay, just don't read this***
Okay then, what's up Picky Penguins, welcome to 2017. SLG here with another fun thing
so, if my math and research is correct, Nico will be celebrating his 5th year on March 15th, plus we're so finger licking fing close to 100k subs
so how about, we Penguins celebrate it by making a fan video
The Idea:
we want to have both actual clips from his LP's along with fan art/work/videos, and get a look at the Picky Penguins, so...
-List moments in Nico's live LP's, live streams, and other videos he's been in down in the comments that you'd like to see (please include exact title of the video and time frame you want)
-Make fan art to be shown in the video and message me if you have a piece you want shown (doesn't matter how old the art is or your art level, I want to show art through the years) (credit will be given to artist(s) of course)
-post links to fan videos and explain what moment in it we should have (Fire-In-Hearts, you're one I'm personally asking if we can have permission to use some you've made)

Another two pieces of art ideas I want to do.
1. Let's all draw Nico. You can either draw him in OC clothes/outfits or character outfits (like as Godot, or Ventus, or a suit (like Jill and Gile) or even Komaeda) (for the Nico's in character outfits, we don't want repeats, so comment bellow which you want. I call drawing him as Edgeworth) 1 Nico drawing per person. Please either save it with no background as a JPEG or with a White Background as a png, so I can put them together in a sort of collage as a thank you sort of card for Nico
2. I want to also have a Picky Penguin collage. So draw your Picky Penguin persona (save the same way as with the Nico one) and have fun, do something fun or hold a item from the LP's. If you can't draw (or don't want to draw, cause I think anyone can) ask either me or another artist to do it for you (if you do get another artist to do it, please message me their name so they can get credit)
These will be the thumbnail and, certain transition parts

I will be making music to play in the background (they'll be inspired by some of the game music (partly). If you can make music, feel free to send a video file with the music

Lastly, I think we should get a good look at each other, and each of us make a video
-explain how you found Nico, became a Picky Penguin, and what you like about Nico
-have about 5 seconds between responses so they can be cut and placed through different parts of the video
-of course say thank you to Nico at some part
-try starting with "Hello" like Nico does, and ending with each of you saying "Stay Classy" cause thanks to animerock's idea, we'll 'end' the video with us saying "till next time, stay classy"
-save it as WMV file and email it to
-note: if you're not comfortable showing your face, that's fine, just make a audio recording and have your icon up during it, following the same steps above
-try to make it the video be about 3-5 minutes long in total

**If you're reading this Nico like I said not to, PLEASE DON'T READ THIS NEXT SECTION
However, we're called Picky Penguins for a reason, so we need to be Picky. Say a few lines to Nico in your video saying "Play___" or "Watch ___" or even something old like "Why did you grind so much?" that sort of thing, it will make a funny ending to the video that we finish it with these words**

I want Nico to be able to see this on the 15th of March, so please get all of this done by February 28th (I will start doing work on it as I get more videos, aka as soon as possible)

Please spread the word and let all Picky Penguins know, let's have fun and do this

SLG, signing out
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