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This is a fangroup for Let's Player NicoB from YouTube. Here you can post fanart, fanfictions, or anything else related to the channel. Make sure to read the rules below before submitting. Stay classy guys!

:bulletred: RULES FOR SUBMISSIONS :bulletred:

The picture must be related to NicoB, one of his jokes, or the channel itself. It cannot just be a picture of a character from a game he's played. For example, a picture of Komaeda alone would not be accepted. However, a picture of Komaeda tossing bagels or something would be accepted because it's something he's referenced and made jokes about.
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 12, 2012


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410 Members
582 Watchers
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Merry Nicobas To All!!!

"Tis the season to be jolly, fa lalalala lala la laaaaaa!"

"Soooomething-something involving-nick's-name, Falalalala lala la laaaaa!"

Merry Nicobas to all folks! I'm back! Did ya miss me :D!!!"

*cricket chirp*

*cricket chirp*

*cricket chirp*

……ok for once I don't blame you Xo…. Yes yes, i've been gone a LOOOOONG time! I know I know, you probably missed me ^^-

Random Stranger: Who are you again?


Stranger #2: OH MY GOD!!!

As I was saying, I'm sure majority of you remember me from distant's past, what with the previous new year's eve event, christmas, I disappeared around after my Valentine's day one. I had some problems with my art program so i had to get that fixed up and everything. But hey, now I'm back, and here to declare the next exiting event: The Nicobas Christmas Event ^^!!!

Like the previous games/events, the rules for this one are a bit unique but fairly simple: Write in the comments below so everyone knows, don't message me directly, but for this event, it's an interesting challenge :P To all participants, your objective is to do a submission starring 1 character from anything Nico's played so far. Simple right ^^? But that's part of the kick: No two people can do the same person, meaning a poster can only do ONE poster no one else has done yet. In the event that you plan on doing a fanfic, then it's a little more forgiving obviously, and you can have numerous characters (provided they're still from Nicob's fanfic). However, your fanfic has to STAR a character, so no "here's what everyone is doing all around".  

And to make it fair (and more understandable) everyone who is participating/wants to participate, simply write in the comments to let everyone know, and be SURE to state who you plan on starring. For example, I plan on doing a submission of……THE AMAZING AND ADORABLE NANAKO ^^!!!! So no one can do that for the event ^^. And yes- we're playing by the certified "Dib's Protocol"- first to claim dibs, first to get their choice ^^

Again, I'm back people, and hoping to pop in every now and then and promote the site and events more often ^^ And for those of you wondering, the winners of these events will win 1 of several fabulous prizes :D!

- A jar of Immortality Potion

-The secret to everlasting life


-A piece of gum I found on the bottom of my shoe

-An expired coupon for a free pizza at Chuck 'E Cheeses with the purchase of two additional pizzas of equal value or greater.

-An experimental NicoB Clone I may-or-may-not-have created by secretly stealing Nico's DNA

-A bundle of Da Points which is the only prize you'll most likely be getting XP…

So with these possible fabulous prizes in mind, be sure to post immediately if you'll be participating or not ^^! Anyone can join in and post anytime between now and Christmas (25th). Again, the rules are to submit an art piece or fanfic with something christmas related: if it's art, you can only call dibs on one person for the event, though you can have multiple characters if you wish, and the same rules go for fanfics- starring 1 main character. And I repeat, ALL EVENT SUBMISSIONS HAVE TO BE CHRISTMAS RELATED (or any holiday if you guys celebrate something different if you want).  

*AND MAKE SURE YOU POST WHO YOU PLAN ON SUBMITTING BELOW IN THE COMMENTS!* I'll be updating this post or the site's journal every now and then with updates to the event, such as any other things to note and updates on which author is doing what character for the event.

So with that, have a Merry Nicobas everyone, and have fun with the event ^^ The name's Monokub, and I'm back!…..hopefully I don't disappear for nearly a year again after saying this XP...
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Out of curiosity, what are your favorite and least favorite games you played on your channel for 2015?
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